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The Company

IPTB Sdn Bhd (“IPTB”) is a wholly owned company of Zaiyadal Keluarga Sdn Bhd (“ZKSB”) through its investment arm of Infratrans, who owns 80% of the Company’s equity share and the balance 20% is owned directly by ZKSB.

IPTB, in the last 10 years, has been providing customers in the rural and sub-urban areas in the Northern States and East Malaysia with the BURAQOIL petroleum products – Petrol RON 95 and Diesel B7. The business is primarily distributing fuel to more than 150 BURAQOIL mini stations for domestic usage. 

BURAQOIL, with its existing 150+ stations, will continue to increase sales by expanding its BURAQOIL dealers and stations in strategic locations. At the same time, BURAQOIL will strengthen its product branding and enhance customers experience at BURAQOIL stations and its convenient stores (Buraqmart)